Thai Foods

Normally Thai meals are very light and fresh. They use Vegetables as much as possible, and are cooked quickly to keep their freshness and nutrients. Dairy products have not been used for Thai foods and have given priority for fish and poultry; than meat. Thai cooking is very straightforward with use of minimal and simple equipment. They take only few minutes to make a nice Thai dish. The reason for this is usually they help each other for cooking and Many of their dishes can be served as snacks or simple one dish meals.

Chicken In Coconut Milk

Chicken In Coconut Milk ( Thai Foods)

Try this recipe, you will pleasantly surprise at how delicious this dish is. This recipe is absolutely fantastic.

Lemon grass and Prawns Soup

Lemon grass and Prawns Soup ( Thai Foods)

Figuring out something for dinner? here is a good recipe for you and your family. you will find it definitely restaurant quality. one of my friends told me that she used "Gourmet Garden" - fresh blends instead of lemon grass. U can either add ginger, to get a wonderful fragrance in your soup. Try this out. it is yummy and healthy!!! Serves 04

Pork Toasts

Pork Toasts ( Thai Foods)

Here is a great recipe for pork lovers. It is easy to make and taste awesome. Try this out!! Pork Toasts with fish sauce yummy!!!! Serves 4 -6

Stuffed Eggs

Stuffed Eggs ( Thai Foods)

My kids are always expecting me to cook different foods for them. They need colourful, creative foods. I thought stuffed eggs will be the best answer. Prawns and pork with eggs is a good combination. it was right. It was fantastic and delicious. Serves 04

Gold Bags with Prawns

Gold Bags with Prawns ( Thai Foods)

If you have won ton skins left over in your refrigerator, try to make these tiny gold bags next time. You can serve it in a party. your guests will surely love them. Prawns make a great filling. But you can also use vegetables instead of prawns. Serve hot with Dipping sauce and enjoy. Makes 16 bags.

Fish with Lemon Grass

Fish with Lemon Grass ( Thai Foods)

A super healthy meal with protein , iron and omega 3. Try it and enjoy!!

Special Thai Fried Rice

Special Thai Fried Rice ( Thai Foods)

This simple but nice fried rice will become everyone's favourite at your home after having it. it will take you only few minutes to make this delicious dish. Freshly and correctly made rice will make you a great and a wonderful Thai Fried rice if you fried it up in a right way. Try it today and enjoy!!! Serves 04 Cooking time: 30 minutes

Egg Nests

Egg Nests ( Thai Foods)

After doing so many experiments i was able to find this recipe. This recipe is ideal for kids who refuse to have their meals. I have added so many ingredients, such as eggs, peanut oil, etc.. which can retain a good flavor and nutrients. Try this recipe your kids will definitely love it.... Serves 04

Chicken and Mushroom Soup

Chicken and Mushroom Soup

Thai Foods