When you are planning a dinner party, it is very easy to devote your time and effort for the main menu as there are many ways to begin a great meal and choose the right starter. If you are looking for new creative ideas for meals, here i have added recipes that offers you so much more than simply tasty appetizers. There are so many ways to plan a menu. The most important part of the meal is first course. There you have to choose a starter which is not overpowered the main meal. It is good if you can take sometime to plan the menu carefully. Ensure that there is a good balance of flavours, textures and colourse in the meal. Some people use best starters which are very simple. But they use high quality ingredients, and they serve it attractively arranged platter, to make a great impression of the meal. Whatever the occasion if you devote a little time and attention to plan your menu, your starters will always be successful.