Mediterranean Cooking

Whether in Europe, Africa or Asia, the countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea have a rich tradition of fine food that is at last being discovered all over the world, as much for health reasons as for its varied range of delicious dishes. The Mediterranean diet has changed little over the centuries yet is ideally suited to modern day living. It has always been naturally healthy: Foods are cooked in olive oil rather than butter, and meats and dairy produce are of secondary importance, replaced by the abundant supplies of fish and seafood and the fresh fruits and vegetables that grow so well in the warm, sunny climate. This mouthwatering collection of recipes shows you how to make the most of the traditional Mediterranean ingredients that are now widely available in our supermarkets. From seafood paella to Tuscan Tomato Soup, Basque Chicken to Fruit and Nut Baklava, the authentic dishes in this Category offer the ideal introduction to the cuisine of this fascinating area.