Chinese Cooking

When preparing a meal Chinese always believe that, if the contrasts between the flavors, colours, textures and aromas of all dishes, are brilliantly done, its is an extremely nice meal. They always try to achieve a good balance.

Chinese Vegetable Stock

Chinese Vegetable Stock ( Chinese Cooking)

Chinese vegetable stock taste is different from the Chicken stock. it has its own delicate taste. it depends on what ingredients you use. For that you can use mushrooms, shelled pea pods, celery, zucchini, asparagus bottoms etc.

Chinese Chicken Stock

Chinese Chicken Stock ( Chinese Cooking)

"Are you a busy housewife? Here, i have got a recipe to make chicken stock just in few minutes. This traditional Chinese chicken stock is essential in making delicious Chinese noodle soups, and adds a rich flavoured base to any savoury dishes.

Chicken Livers with Prawn Sauce

Chicken Livers with Prawn Sauce ( Chinese Cooking)

If you like to come up with a great combination of chicken liver and prawns, here is the recipe for it. Enjoy!!

Prawn Toasts

Prawn Toasts ( Chinese Cooking)

Easy cooking. Fabulous taste. check whether you can do it.

Hot Boiled Beef

Hot Boiled Beef ( Chinese Cooking)

The people lives in west china tends to be hearty rather than delicate and is renowned for highly spiced foods. Especially meals containing chillies. This recipe is for west china.

Roast Beef Savouries

Roast Beef Savouries ( Chinese Cooking)

There are lot of Beef lovers in China. My new recipe is especially for them!! Try it out!!!

Minced Porkii Wontons

Minced Porkii Wontons ( Chinese Cooking)

Minced porkii wontons can have as a snack in the evening. It is very popular among Chinese youngsters and always try another after having one. This recipe will make 25 to 30 wontons.

Chinese Omelette

Chinese Omelette ( Chinese Cooking)

Looking for something healthy for breakfast or dinner for your kids. Try this recipe. Easy to make and absolutley delicious. You can add Finely chopped mushrooms, chicken, ham etc., to get a better taste.

Tea Eggs

Tea Eggs ( Chinese Cooking)

Chinese tea eggs traditionally servers during the new year festive season. Chinese tea is good for cleansing our digestive system. Most people take a cup of Chines tea after having their main meal. Chinese tea eggs are very easy to make and you can enjoy them at your tea time.

Pork Dim Sum

Pork Dim Sum ( Chinese Cooking)

Once i went my mama's place she has made these pork dim sums for me. when I asked her how to make them, she gave me this recipe. I tried it out. It was marvelous It took me only few minutes to make them. and i could make delicious dim sums. This is the recipe. Try it out...