Children's Foods

Food for children should be fun, with family meals a pleasant and relaxed occasion, but it is equally important that they learn to enjoy the taste of fresh and wholesome foods at an early age. This can easily be achieved by presenting food in novel and unusual ways cutting food into shapes such as stars and animals, numbers and letters will certainly interest young children and foods which can be eaten with the fingers, such as pizzas, pitta bread and small corn on the cobs, are always very popular.

Iced Cup Cakes

Iced Cup Cakes ( Children's Foods)

This tiny iced cup cakes are ideal for a birthday party.The little cakes are enormously popular with guests. it is perfectly light and fluffy but not crumbly in the slightest! Extremely easy recipe to follow.

Triangle Eggy Breads

Triangle Eggy Breads ( Children's Foods)

Nice evening snack for your kids.

Peanut Butter cookies

Peanut Butter cookies ( Children's Foods)

Delicious cookies for your kids. Perfect as an evening snack.

Fun Fish Cakes

Fun Fish Cakes ( Children's Foods)

I always believe, cooking is a wonderful way to spend time and have fun with your children. involving them for your cooking will easy for you to convince them, that they have made food . Surely they will enjoy eating them. Fun Fish cakes is such a recipe, i made with my kids. They gave me so many ideas to garnish them. Not only funny, this is a great recipe to give your kids, their essential nutrients too. Try this out!!

Sweet Kebabs

Sweet Kebabs ( Children's Foods)

Once i made this sweet kebabs for my younger daughter's birthday party. it was yummy. kids loved it. Everybody thought it was a table decoration. It is great for a evening party. Try it out....

Chicken pop corn

Chicken pop corn ( Children's Foods)

This delicious crispy coated chicken will delight your kids.

Royal rice pudding

Royal rice pudding

Children's Foods

Sweet strawberry Teddy

Sweet strawberry Teddy

Children's Foods

Breakfast Dip

Breakfast Dip ( Children's Foods)

A healthy breakfast for your kids. Its yummy and delicious. !!!

Fruity Pancake Faces

Fruity Pancake Faces

Children's Foods

Savoury Muffins

Savoury Muffins ( Children's Foods)

This yummy Savoury Muffins is perfect packed, for a picnic.